A collection of simple truths to live by...

  1. Not wanting something is as good as having it.
  2. Someone else’s success isn’t your failure.
  3. A question opens the mind, a statement keeps it closed.
  4. Spending time on things you can't control takes time away from things you can.
  5. No one owes you anything.
  6. Peace is the absence of desire.
  7. If you’re reading this, you have everything you need to start.
  8. Discipline is doing what you hate to do as if you love it.
  9. The cost of anything in life is either money, time, or attention.
  10. Increase your rate of success by increasing your rate of failure.
  11. Integrity is being the same person no matter the circumstance.
  12. Motivation more often comes after starting, not before.
  13. The sooner you pay the price, the less it will cost you in the long run.
  14. Death is the price we pay for life, learn to make peace with it.
  15. You're not bad at something, you're just new to it.
  16. Your first impression isn’t your appearance, it’s your energy.
  17. Do many things that you like to find the few things that you love.
  18. Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.
  19. Beliefs are more about belonging than they are about truth.
  20. How you do anything, is how you do everything.
  21. The only productivity hack you need is enjoying what you do.
  22. The more you move, the easier it is to keep moving.
  23. If you never get bored of learning, you'll never get tired of living.
  24. What others think of you is their business.
  25. Luck favors those in motion.
  26. Hours spent doesn't equal output.
  27. Consuming puts you to work for the internet, creating puts the internet to work for you.
  28. The dots only connect in retrospect.
  29. Spending time on things that buy you time is always a good use of it.
  30. Being great is just being consistently good.
  31. Spending time on things that buy you time is always a good use of it.
  32. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life.
  33. Saying yes benefits others, saying no benefits you.
  34. What you believe is what you settle for.
  35. There are no million dollar ideas, only million dollar executions.
  36. You are not what you say or think, you are what you do.
  37. Compare upwards and feel envy, compare downwards and feel grateful.
  38. If it doesn't feel like work, no one can compete with you.
  39. Silence is a blank canvas for your thoughts.
  40. Being alone is physical, feeling alone is mental.
  41. Working hard doesn’t get you anywhere if you’re working on the wrong thing.
  42. The best teachers are your previous mistakes.
  43. Your current habits are a sneak peek of your desired future.
  44. Read to find new ideas, write to understand them, implement to learn from them.
  45. Food fuels your brain, information fuels your mind. You are what you consume.
  46. Get comfortable with changing your mind after learning new information.
  47. You can steal all the ideas you want, but action can only come from within.
  48. There’s no right or wrong time, there’s just time and what you choose to do with it.
  49. If you have time to consume, you have time to create.
  50. Avoiding stupidity can often be a better strategy than seeking out brilliance.
  51. Ignore the noise, people will criticize you no matter what you do.
  52. The internet removes the barrier from how much you can learn about anything.
  53. Life only gives you what you decided you could have.
  54. Your biggest competitor in life is yourself.
  55. If it takes less than 5 minutes, don’t schedule it, do it now.
  56. Your brain doesn’t fill up with more information, it expands along with it.
  57. Admit when you’re wrong, show humility when you’re right.
  58. Time is your most valuable resource, spend it wisely.
  59. You don't lack motivation, you lack a better reason.
  60. Your thoughts and feelings are choices. Control them or they'll control you.
  61. Being busy is not a badge of honor — it's a lack of freedom.
  62. Mediocrity is the path of least resistance, also making it the most competitive.
  63. Speak when you have something to say, not when you want to say something.
  64. Every single person you meet knows something you don’t.
  65. Be interesting to others by being interested in them.
  66. Your ideas are worth nothing without the will to act on them.
  67. The gap between where you are and where you want to be is closer than you think.
  68. Every 'no' improves your ability to fulfill on a future yes.
  69. Creativity is an infinite resource—the more you spend, the more you have.
  70. If you lower your expectations, you’ll rarely be disappointed.
  71. The real value of money is what you can afford to no longer do.
  72. Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
  73. Your circumstances have nothing to do with your emotional state.
  74. Learning how to learn is one of the best investments of your time.
  75. Stop trading time for money, start trading value for money.
  76. You can either build your dream, or help someone build theirs.
  77. Focus is repeatedly saying no to almost everything.
  78. It’s not the thing itself that upsets you, but your interpretation of it.
  79. More choices often lead to less action. Do more by doing less.
  80. Focus on nothing when it doesn’t matter, so you’ll focus better when it does.
  81. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't promised, today is all there is.
  82. You were born in one day, you will die in one day, you can change in one day.
  83. Most traditions are solutions to forgotten problems.
  84. Choose consistency over intensity, because consistency compounds.
  85. Not having the time for it is another way of saying it’s not important.
  86. How much you eat affects your size, how much you move affects your shape.
  87. People don't care what you can do, they care about what you can do for them.
  88. The time will pass anyways.
  89. Minimalism isn't about owning nothing, it’s about nothing owning you.
  90. Inspiration is perishable. Act quickly.
  91. Life is too short to not be pursuing the best opportunity you know of.
  92. Be happy with what you have, while you work for what you want.
  93. Consuming information won't make you smart, applying it will.
  94. Value compliments and insults the same.
  95. Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued. It must ensue.
  96. Being creative is just combining interest with initiative.
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